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Team Wooting, June 6 2019

Wootility v3.3.1 update notes

This update is focussed on usability and stability. Big thanks to @Rocky_4 (DEU) for his support with this update.

- Added translations to the Wootility, with a language select included. Currently supported are German, French, Korean and Chinese.

- Moved firmware updates to a different server, so there will be no more “time out of sync” issues.

- The Wootility will show a request to review the keyboard after 7 days. We made it as subtle as possible and easily dismissible.

- Add option to remove all config data on an uninstall in Windows.

- Older keyboards will automatically be assigned a serial number with the new format.

- Some major under the hood USB changes that should provide more stability with Xinput on/off switching and general usage.

Written by

Team Wooting

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