Team Wooting, December 5 2018

Wootility Update 2.5 - Tachyon input speed

This update adds two much requested features. We’ve also done a lot of plumping to prepare for the Wootility redesign and the Wooting two! Let’s just jump into it. 

Tachyon Mode
The Wooting keyboard is an optical keyboard, so it’s only fitting that your keyboard will be faster than light. If you enable Tachyon Mode in digital mode your keyboard will boost its response time to less than 1 millisecond. Not convinced by some marketing terms? You shouldn’t be. Check out Calder’s blog for some input speed science. Note that the actuation point and RGB effects are disabled while in Tachyon Mode to ensure maximum speed. 

Windows Key Disable
Request of the year 2018, a quick FN + Left windows key will disable the key. No more pesky Windows interrupts. 

Mac Auto update
We’re part of the Apple Developer Program (which basically means pay Apple money), so we now have a signed Mac version with auto update. 

What to expect 
Next up: the redesign, updates to DKS, actuation point settings and programmability. We’re planning on launching a DKS beta soon and would love to get your feedback right here on discord. 

Download here:: 

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Team Wooting